To the fearful, non-swimmer, to those that once learned how to swim and then suffered a traumatic experience, to those that have tried fruitlessly to learn to swim by taking “swim lessons” –

Are you ready to learn to swim well? Are you tired of sitting on the side at social gatherings, your lack of swimming skill becoming a social handicap? Are you longing to splash around with the kids and grandkids in your neighborhood pool or at the beach? Do you want to finally feel “water safe?” Have you experienced an injury and your doctor has “prescribed” water exercise but you do not know how to swim?

The Adult Swim Only Program is the place where you can, as an adult, learn to swim and swim well! Through a holistic approach, you will be empowered to confront and overcome the oppressive, psychological monster of fear, learn to love the water and change your life forever.


Swimming is counter-intuitive to how we spend most of our day. We are in a non-gravity environment, face down. Our body and mind must multi-task just to keep us afloat. Beginner swimmers and those that come from sports such as cycling and running can have difficulty at first. The body and mind must learn to relax so that the brain can build new neural pathways. Swimming is a technical support and takes time to learn. In this course, you will be giving the tools you need to start journey right.

You will learn how to evenly distribute your weight during each exercise and its importance in swimming.  You will gain the skills to recognize when your body has an unhealthy tension, where it is located and how to release it.  You will also learn how to maintain proper breathing as you develop your strokes.

You will learn exercises that will help you to gain or maintain flexibility in your muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints.   You will learn how to incorporate stretches into a poolside warm-up and cool down.

You will learn exercises that will target specific muscle groups and how to incorporate them into your own workout.  Exercises will include dry land (gym), and pool exercises.  Different exercises will be presented to encourage variety in each workout.  Areas of focus will include shoulder, leg, back , chest and core strength.

Swimming is one of the best cardiovascular exercises and individual can do.  Moderate to long swims help an individual to increase their aerobic and lung capacity.  You will learn how to how to add recreational yardage (lap swim) to your workout regime without the fear of dying in the middle of the pool.

You will learn how to incorporate sprints (anaerobic work) to raise your heart rate and boost your metabolism.  Combined with endurance work it can promote lean muscle mass and good weight management.

You will learn the specific muscles used in swimming through all strokes starting with streamline and progressing to butterfly.  Learning how to train each muscle group both on land and  in the pool will prevent overworking the muscles and potential injury.

You will learn skills and drills.  These include streamline (foundation of swimming), strokes including freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, and butterfly.  Drills to work on individual skills for the legs, arms, back, shoulders, chest, hands and torso (core).  Focus will be placed on establishing good technique.


Real stories of real clients who have learned to swim as adults. Kim, Daron and Sharon all came from different walks of life and had different goals. Read their stories, being inspired and start your own journey.


Kim started training with me after she returned from a trip to Hawaii. She and her partner had taken a vacation and while there, Kim realized learning to swim was needed. Kim is tall, retired military and a former track and field athlete so much of her strength is in her lower body.

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Daron came to me in March, 2019. He was seeking a health change and started teaching himself how to swim. We worked together for three months and progressed him from struggling how to float (back and front) to completing his first open water swim only 5 months after he learned how to swim.

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Sharon and I connected after she found me when doing a google search for adult swim instructors. She had taken lessons before but never learned to swim. Suffering from an immense amount of fear of water after witnessing a drowning, her goal at first was simply becoming  comfortable water.

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