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About the Program

To the anxious and beginner gym goer –

Do you have a gym membership, but never go? If you do go, do you feel overwhelmed when you walk onto the fitness floor? Going to the gym is often a social experience and can elicit fear of judgment from one’s peers about current physical shape and lack of knowledge on how to use exercise equipment. Many individuals suffer with gym anxiety. It’s normal.

Popular equipment including dumbbells, barbells, exercise bands, bosu balls, plyo boxes, medicine balls, kettlebells, and the TRX Suspension Trainer are just tools. With guidance and a little bit of education, you can easily incorporate these items into your workout regime. Even more so, many of these items can be purchased for use at home.


If you have inquired about personal training before now, you most likely have heard the phrase, “functional training.” Simply stated, functional training is a way to approach exercise that builds and supports muscle groups necessary for daily activities.Say for example, squats, this exercise helps support the muscle groups that are utilized in a sitting to standing movement. The quadriceps (thigh – front of upper leg), hamstrings (back of upper leg), and glutes (your bottom/rear) play a primary role. It also involves the abdominals.

You will be equipped with knowledge in simple terms and given practical tools so you can incorporate a wide variety of progressive based exercises (easy to hard) into your exercise routine, strengthen your body and have greater ease and freedom in daily physical activities.

Swimming is one of the best cardiovascular exercises and individual can do.  Moderate to long swims help an individual to increase their aerobic and lung capacity.  You will learn how to how to add recreational yardage (lap swim) to your workout regime without the fear of dying in the middle of the pool.

You will learn exercises that will help you to gain or maintain flexibility in your muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints.   You will learn how to incorporate stretches into a poolside warm-up and cool down.

You will learn exercises that will target specific muscle groups and how to incorporate them into your own workout.  Exercises will include dry land (gym), and pool exercises.  Different exercises will be presented to encourage variety in each workout.  Areas of focus will include shoulder, leg, back , chest and core strength.

You will learn how to evenly distribute your weight during each exercise and its importance in swimming.  You will gain the skills to recognize when your body has an unhealthy tension, where it is located and how to release it.  You will also learn how to maintain proper breathing as you develop your strokes.