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The first step in working with me is to fill out the below form. This will provide me general information that we will go over in our phone/skype consultation. Please provide as much detailed information as possible as it will equip me to give you the best training experience. Once you submit the form, you will be redirected to schedule your appointment.  Although we will go over this during our appointment, here is a general breakdown of how I work.

I break my training up into three main components which are 1) body awareness & body balance, 2) stroke mechanics, and 3) yardage. I combine elements from other disciplines as well such as yoga, aquatic physical therapy, whole food nutrition, and land based weigh training to design the best all around program for my clients.  I seek to create a optimal learning environment by listening, observing and engaging with the individuals I am working with. As result, we have the freedom to course correct as needed.